Ejerforeningen Mølleåparken I

Homeowners Association

House Rules

The purpose of the following house rules is to create a common set of regulations and outline rules of conduct for the maintenance of order and the well-being of the community. The rules are based on common mutual consideration for the residents of Mølleåparken, and all residents have committed to comply by these rules. The Board has authority to act upon violations of house rules, and compensation for the damage residents themselves, their household or tenants may cause the common facilities, may be required.


§ 1.

Radio, TV, music or other noise must not be so loud, that it bothers other residents. Noise after 23:00 must be avoided. Use of drills and other disturbing hobby activities must be limited to take place between the hours of 8:00 and 20:00 on weekdays and Saturday between 10:00 and 18:00. Residents are encouraged to use the hobby rooms whenever possible. Drilling and other disturbing hobby activity is not permitted on Sundays and public holidays.

§ 2.

The right to hold pets is subject to these not being a nuisance to the other residents.

§ 3.


Grilling and carpet beating is not permitted on the balconies. Clothes hanging on the balcony must not be visible from below. Changes to the buildings’ façade are not permitted. However, the inside of the balcony wall, pillars and ceiling may be painted in white corner wall paint ncs 0502Y (acrylic / alkaline paint), and the woodwork in black professional coverage 20 in ( Wood protection acrylic / alkaline) .
Regarding enclosure of balconies, contact the authorities at Lyngby Taarbæk commune for approval. If approval is given, it must be then sent to the Board.
Regarding setting up marquises, there are quite strict rules regarding installation, so kindly submit particulars thereof together with a drawing so the Board may decide on the matter.
Barometers, thermometers or other decorations are not permitted outside the pillars.
Advertising or signs may not be put up in windows or on balconies.
Window boxes installed according to regulations are allowed. Approved brackets are sold by the caretaker

§ 4.

Cooker hoods and fans:
Hoods in the apartment kitchens must be connected to the new ventilation system. Use only hoods approved for the ventilation system. The homeowner association administrator must be contacted before the replacement takes place so that the owner’s guild can control that the hood is approved and then properly regulated. Do not connect the fans to the ducts in the bathrooms and guest toilets.


§ 5.

All exterior doors must be locked.

§ 6.

Noise etc.:

Noisy behavior and the placing of objects in the stairwells , stairs and landings , etc. are not allowed.


§ 7.


Residents must clean their own doormat and door sill out to the stairwell.

When moving, the moving resident must pay any occurring damages.

§ 8.


Lyngby Taarbæk commune has set rules regarding waste sorting which we fulfill by sorting in the following matter:

Cardboard: small cardboards is put in the container in the basement, large cardboard is put in containers under no. 6.

Plastic: is put in containers in the basement.

Metal: is put in containers in the basement.

Paper: is put in containers in the basement.

Batteries: is put in containers in the basement

Glass bottles: please bring to the municipal bottle containers.

Remaining kitchen waste: must come into the chute and must be packed in sealed plastic bags. Waste that cannot be sorted as above can be placed in the green container at Bredebovej, see §16

It is not allowed to place large objects og waste in the basement

If you are in doubt waste sorting, please refer to into material or the caretaker

§ 9.

Basement Areas etc.:
It is not permitted to bring pets in the billiard room, nor to play in the basement.

Baby carriages, walkers, wheelchairs, etc. must commonly be stored in the lockable compartments that are next to some of the entrance doors . Provided that the user has an agreement with the board and/or caretaker, these items can also be placed under the stairs on the ground floor or outside.

Bicycles are to be placed in bike racks outside or in bike rooms or fuse rooms in the basement, provided they do not interfere with the other residents.

Other objects must be stored in residents' basement rooms and must not be placed anywhere else in the basement.

§ 10.

Each apartment must use only two washing machines and a dryer at a time, if others are waiting . It is forbidden to color clothes in the washing machines. The ironing roll may not be used for printed materials. The users of the laundromats must clean the equipment and the laundromat area after use.

Laundry should not be left for long periods in the laundry carts.

§ 11.

Smoking is not allowed in the laundry, basements , elevators and other places where signs are posted.


§ 12.

Residents are encouraged to show consideration in parking, so that the parking area is utilized optimally. Noisy use of motor vehicles and unnecessary use of signals are to be avoided. Trailers, semi -trailers and outboard gear, including horse trailers, trailers and caravans must not be placed on the premises.

§ 13.

Bikes must be parked in the bike racks. Long term parking of bikes should be in the basement.

§ 14.

Carpet beating:
Carpet beating is only permitted on the designated racks weekdays before 18:00.

§ 15.

Play and other activities:
Children are not permitted to play in the parking lots , but must use playgrounds etc. Ball games and tents are not allowed on the lawns. Owners of pets must ensure that their animals do not relieve themselves on the premises. Animals are not permitted on the tennis courts. Dogs must be leashed on Mølleåparken premises.

§ 16.

Waste that cannot be sorted as described in §8, can be placed in the propety's large green container situated at Bredebovej. Kitchen waste and food must not be placed in the container. Large waste, construction waste and waste from emptyring appartments must not be put in the container. Please use the municipal recycling center.

Board of Directors